Triangle Flats Property Management

Apartment Hunting Part 2

Triangle Flats Property Management - Saturday, January 18, 2020

You Have Located Your "Dream Apartment"

Once you have located your "dream apartment", or as close to your perfect apartment as possible, now it is necessary to pay extremely close attention to the particulars of the rental agreement. An Apartment Lease is a contract between you and the landlord. Once agreed upon and signed by the tenant and the landlord, the rental lease creates obligations and restrictions for both parties. The most obvious covenants of the apartment lease are the length of the rental, (Six month lease, one year lease, two year lease, etc.) The amount of the security deposit, when the rent is due, who is responsible for what utilities. Also in that apartment lease, however, are stipulations, (sometimes in small print) that can cover a great variety of landlord and tenant obligations and restrictions.

They can include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Maintenance of the apartment
* Care of the premises
* Cleanliness
* Insurance
* Governmental regulations
* Eminent Domain
* Nuisance and noise clauses
* Stipulations as to the circumstances whereby the landlord can enter the premises
* Use of Common Areas
* Keys and locks
* Loss or damage
* Parking
* Pets
* Plumbing
* What the landlord may do if the rent is in arrears
* What the tenant can do to bring the rent current before any kind of action might be started
* Non performance or breach of the contract by the renter
* Renter's penalties in the event of early termination
* Circumstances which might cause the tenant or the landlord to break the lease prior to the end of the term
* Heat and other utilities
* Removal of goods
* Surrender or Non-Surrender of the premises
* Waivers of various obligations
* Prohibited reprisals
* Garbage disposal
* Recyclables
* And the list goes on and on and on.

Prospective tenants should read an Apartment lease thoroughly. Prospective apartment renters should understand everything that is contained in that lease and make an informed decision to be 100% accepting of all the provisions for both the tenant and the landlord, that you are positive that you can live up to your end of the bargain and that you are comfortable with the provisions on the landlord's end.

If you do not understand every single clause of that apartment lease then do not sign it until you do understand it. If necessary and if possible, request assistance in interpreting the lease from a trusted source such as a knowledgeable friend or family member or employer or professional, or anyone else who can understand it and explain it to you. If necessary get legal advice. It can cost additional funds if you do not qualify for free legal assistance, but that additional cost might save you a ton of money and save you a ton of heartache and aggravation down the road.

If you do not agree with any of the provisions of that apartment lease and/or you feel that you can't live up to the tenant's obligations, or if you are not in agreement with any of the landlord's rights under the agreement, then do not sign the lease until/or unless it can be changed to your satisfaction. If the apartment rental agreement cannot be amended to meet your needs and desires and comfort level then do not sign the lease and do not rent that apartment. The Apartment Rental agreement that you sign as a prospective tenant will not change once you become the actual tenant of that apartment.

Good luck in your apartment search and good luck in your new apartment.